A few words by the Artist Pitika Ntuli

Reflections by Nduduzo Makhathini (Artist, Healer and Improvisor) 

History written in Stone

Through Belfast Black Granite Pitika Ntuli tells a story. A story that attempts to capture the crucial steps in our revolutionary struggles. The six individual sculptures write our history in stone, and trace the painful steps we took towards finding justice in our beloved land!

Shot & Directed by Galerekwe Maimane & James Reynolds

Edited by Zee Ntuli

Music by Chris Letcher


Art and solitary confinement carry the same birthmarks.” Pitika Ntuli.This intimate short film provides the viewer with a personal insight into Pitika'smind and journey as an artist. He explains that art is like solitary confinement, where time seizes to exist, and that “Art exists in order to conquer time”.

Shot by Zee Ntuli & James Reynolds

Edited by Zee Ntuli

Sound design by Lorens Persson at Sterling Sound

Colourist Terry Simp

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