Thohoyandou's Dream

Thoyohandou’s Dream

I hear your thunderous footsteps

Echo on the land of our ancestors

Thohoyandou, grandson of Dimbanyika

Father of Velembewu

Spirit that eternally caresses the Njelele valley

To keep ancestral forces at peace

Elephantine memories flow with ease and purpose

Retracing steps we took since time immemorial

To heal our bodies and souls

When demons invade our spaces

We carry memories of honeycomb

Of heroic histories in steady and secure


Before interlopers walked our land

Spraying diseases to give purpose to their cures

We look back to retrace our odyssey

Along rugged roads of sickness and healing 

To witness the birth of memory

  • Pitika Ntuli
  • Bone, beads and found objects
  • 84 x 87 x 101 cm